About Us

The First Banana is a member driven gallery, venue and performance space created to meet the needs of performance artists and artists in other mediums finding it hard to establish themselves in the art word. The Banana is a launching point for Art and Artists in Philadelphia.

Why ‘The First banana”, well we love the variety arts and Vaudeville and all the nerdy slang that goes along with it.

Banana was an old Burlesque term for a house comic, “top banana” was the head comic, the “second banana” would fill in where needed, the “third banana” would be assigned to stooge duty, taking falls and getting pies in the face. We went with First Banana (not just because Top Banana would recruit …interesting people)… but because its a sweet throw back insider reference to why Philadelphia has no First Street. If you didn’t know that, or don’t know why you should catch up on your Quaker history!

The First Banana is a beautiful, well maintained, column free space with a 3ft high, 8’x6’ stage and Aerial/Suspension rigging. The studio space is 25ft x 16ft, 11ft ceilings with reinforced beam for aerials/suspension. Solid sealed floors, good light (windows on one full wall), and partial mirrors on one wall (curtain can be drawn during performances to make them a green room) The studio is open with regular business hours starting in May 2014. Rehearsal rates is $10 per hour, and class/workshop rates is $20 per hour. Priority is given to members.

We host fantastic First Friday events to showcase artists from all mediums.
If you are interested in showing your art, membership or having an event here please contact us below.

0.4 Miles from the Market Frankford line: Berks Station

Frankford & Dauphin stop on #5 bus